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I Recommend BioGuard Pool chemicals
For Pool Chemicals you can trust
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Leisure Time Spa Products
For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care.
Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools
The Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool collection offering 66 award winning premier models. The best of the best in fiberglass swimming pools.

I Recommend BioGuard Pool chemicals I Recommend BioGuard Pool chemicals
See how beautiful your pool can be with BioGuard Chemicals

NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER anymore for BioGuard, but I recommend them for your pool!!!!

May you always have a beautiful blue pool


Fort Dodge Pool and Spa Supply has had to CLOSE our doors!!!! I appreciate ALL who were supportive of me, but I just was not able to keep going. I left the business with the understanding that a person was going to purchase the business from me. As this did not happen, I feel compelled to let ALL know who come to this website, and who knew me, that I am not, in any way, affiliated with the company currently calling itself FDPOOL. Please for your own peace of mind, Ask for training credentials of ANYONE whom you ask to work on your pool or spa system. I fully believe in training and certification and did my best to stay on top of all that I could in the Pool and Spa industry. All of my training and certifications left the town and business with me when I started to work at Cargill.

Again, I would like to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support. I still fully recommend that you find a dealer you like and continue using BioGuard brand products for your pool. These products are available online as many of you already know as well as from Local Pool Dealers in our state. GOOD LUCK with your pools and enjoy your leisure time.

Introducing a Patented Better Way to Grill, Smoke and Bake!

INTRODUCING DAKOTA GRILLS, The Better Way To Grill.   With your own Dakota Grill, you can produce very good food - very easily!

Do you want a grill that is safe to use on a condominium or apartment deck?
Your Dakota Grill can be used SAFELY on the deck of a condominium or apartment without fear because we use no fuel, no fire and no flare up and because the exterior stays cool, children, adults and surrounding property are unlikely to get burned.

Do you like juicy, flavorful, and tender meat?
You get exactly what you desire every time. You'll have so much juice, you won't want paper plates. Unlike most grills, which dry your foods while cooking, our patented design retains juices and is much more effective than searing. The flavor is always wonderful, no matter what your cooking style.

Do you want safety and convenience - no fuel, no fire, no flare-ups?
Our patented electric grill is safer, simpler, and much easier to use than a gas or charcoal grill. You never have to worry about starting or stopping fires, singeing your eyebrows, or dousing flare-ups. Because the exterior stays cool, children (and adults) are unlikely to get burned. Grilling should be safe and fun, not dangerous or difficult!

Iowa Deer Classic - 2012

Do you want something quick and easy-to-use that won't burn your food?
With a Dakota Grill, you insert a meat probe, set the grill, and walk away. It's that easy. You don't need to check your meat, or flip it, or worry about it. When your food is done (to whatever temperature you set), the grill alerts you. And don't rush to take your meat off - this grill automatically keeps it warm, without overcooking.

Do you want food that is healthier and tastes better?
Our patented grills produce no carcinogens and enhance the natural flavor of meat - you do not get the typical "burned-grease" flavor unless you want it. With our grill, you control the outcome: barbecue or smoke; it's your choice.

Once you turn on your Dakota Grill, you will be baking cookies or cake, frying bacon, grilling steak, brats, pork chops, vegetables and anything else you want, ALL AT THE SAME TIME without crossing any of the flavors.

Click here to learn more about our Dakota Grills.....

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Feet First

Safety should be the first priority of any new or existing pool owner. Make sure to take the necessary steps to assure that you, your friends, family, and anyone else in or around the pool are familiar with the guidelines of its safe and sensible use. Smart pool owners urge their guests to not use it under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, prescription medications, or anything else that could in any way hinder their judgment or abilities